The Crew – April Patch mit Changelog veröffentlicht

Veröffentlicht 23. April 2015 | 11:04 Uhr von Marcel

The Crew hat einen neuen Patch spendiert bekommen. Der französische Publisher und Entwickler Ubisoft werkelt fleißig an seinem Online-Rennspiel The Crew und verbessert es ständig. Seit gestern (22.04.2015) ist das April Update, wie es heißt, für sämtliche Plattformen online.

Der Changelog von The Crew sieht wie folgt aus:

New features:

– Perks can now be bought in the Headquarters with both Crew Credits and Bucks.
– The new “Raid Car Pack” is being added to the game, containing the following vehicles:
– CADILLAC ESCALADE 2012 available in: Full stock/Street/Perf/Dirt/Raid/Circuit
– McLaren F1 available in: Full stock/Perf
– VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG NF 2011 available in: Full stock/Dirt/Raid

4 new faction missions are being added to the game:

– Treasure Hunt: Raid (West)
– Jurassic Raid: Raid (South)
– Blacklisted: Dirt (Midwest)
– Let it Snow: Raid (Mountain States)

7 new specs are being added to the game:

– Chevrolet Camaro RS 69 – RAID
– Ford F150 – RAID
– Nissan SKYLINE GT-R (R34) – RAID
– Hummer H1 Alpha – STREET
– Ford F-150 – CIRCUIT
– Dodge Ram SRT 10 – CIRCUIT

Chrome colors as well as lacquered interiors are being added to the customization options.

Connection Detection Tool:

– This new feature will give players the possibility to troubleshoot their network settings directly from the game UI.
– The tool will also be recommending some changes to improve the quality of sessions in the game.

New UI options:

– It’s now possible to “Show/Hide” player names and cop car tags in Free ride from the Smartphone menu.
– It’s now possible to “Show/Hide” the Police Unit (top center) & Geographical Names Unit (top center) with the “Display Mini Map in Free ride” option.

PvP Changes:

– Merged PVP lobbies: players will now be able to access all PvP missions from all zones in one lobby.
– Some PvP missions have had their checkpoints and distances redesigned in order to offer a better diversity in the pool of PvP events. The updated races are the following:

— Race for Liberty – Shortened
— Desert Rally – Shortened
— Downthe Drain (sprint) – Shortened
— Vegas Descent – Shortened
— Dallas Showdown – Extended
— Battle of Black Mount – Extended
— Rushmore – Extended
— On the Waterfront – Extended
— Coastal Clash – Extended
— Raiding the fair – Extended
— Battle at the bay – Extended
— Death Valley Drive-by – Extended
— Hill Climb Havoc – Extended
— Down the Drain – Extended
— Golden Gate City – Extended
— Air Base Assault – Extended
— Sprint of Saint Louis – Extended
— Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca – Extended
— Lakeside loop – Extended
— Strike it Rich – Extended
— From the Valley – Extended
— Reckless Rally – Extended

All these PvP missions have also had their rewards rescaled to better match their length.

TrackIR compatibility: TrackIR is now compatible with The Crew and allows players to control the car camera with head movements.

Bug fixing:

– Fixed a bug related to functionality issues of Thrustmaster T300 and T80 driving wheels on PS4.
– Fixed an issue related to the progression of certain Awards and Achievements.
– For some Awards and Achievements, the progression was not correctly tracked and the Awards were not correctly completed.
– Fixed an issue where some Faction Missions didn’t display the proper duration.
– Example: the Faction Mission “The Fugitive” that was considered as a long mission (over an hour) has been changed to a medium mission (10-60 min), accordingly it has had its reward rescaled to the new duration.
– Fixed some issues that were encountered when using text chat on PC.
– Improved camera stability at 60 frames per second.
– General stability improvements.
– Fixed an issue with the 6th gear on NISSAN Skyline GT-R (R34) Full stock.
– Fixed an issue with the Chevrolet Silverado Circuit’s flying into the air on some bumps.

Known issues:

– Using the rear view camera in Cockpit View will not be working properly: this bug is being worked on and should be fixed in the coming weeks.


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