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Driver San Francisco – Neuer Patch erschienen

Veröffentlicht 5. Dezember 2011 | 12:31 Uhr von Marcel


Ubisoft hat einen neuen Patch zum kürzlich erschienen “Driver San Francisco” veröffentlicht. Neben zahlreichen Bug Fixes und Verbesserungen haben die Entwickler dem Spiel eine neue Statistik spendiert und noch mehr unterschiedliche Fahrzeugmodelle im “Freedrive”-Modus.


- Online Gameplay: Any players joining a game already in-progress will be given sufficient ability to shift immediately.

- Online Gameplay: Improved gameplay balancing in Tag mode by reducing tag car performance under certain conditions


- Added additional statistic synchronisation points so website statistics more closely match current progress.

- Improved traffic variety in Splitscreen Freedrive, Tag and Trailblazer

- Improved traffic variety in freedrive after game completion.

- Online: Improved randomisation of route selection where certain modes would always start their first game with a more limited route variety

- Online: Improved player icons and vehicle images loading.

- Online: Reduced lag/teleport issues observed when players join a session

- Online: Improved reward images display when increasing multiplayer LVL.

- Online: Improved session join score by re-assessing it if the leading player disconnects.


- Fixed single-frame camera cuts evident in some film-director replays.

- Fixed progression display of “connoisseur” achievement in the game “Achievements” menu under “Extras”

- Fixed progression display of all fine-grain (>25 steps) achievements in the game “Achievements” menu under “Extras”

- Fixed a specific case of NAN values being sent in game to web data.

- Online: Fixed waiting screens displaying the next mode name incorrectly.

- Online: Fixed occasional crash when a large party joins a public Takedown match in progress, under certain conditions.

- Online: Fixed occasional issue where 7 players could enter a public match with a 6 player limit.

- Online: Fixed crash on returning to the main menu from online under certain conditions

- Online: Fixed player being disconnected from in-game party under certain conditions

- Online: Fixed issue where user spamming rapid shift on mode start would result in odd camera behaviour

- Online: Fixed occasional issue where qualifying mode timer would stick on 50 seconds and not decrease

- Online: Fixed issue where a wrecked vehicle with the TAG would sometimes display a blue highlight instead of red.

- Online: Fixed issue where a player can incorrectly be highlighted with the TAG icon under certain conditions.

- Online: Fixed occasional crash during CTF gameplay.

- Online: Fixed issue where the incorrect player name could be displayed on the profile screen

- XBOX 360 ONLY: Online: added LVL banding filter to Free For All matchmaking to improve matchmaking (already implemented on PS3).

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