Gears of War 3: Interview mit Cliffy B

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Das amerikanische XCN Network hatte die Möglichkeit mit Cliffy B ein wenig über das kommende Gears of War 3 zu tratschen. Was dabei für interessante Details ans Licht kommen, entnehmt ihr dem kurzen Fazit.


  • At the beginning of GOW3, Dom is farming. Why? No idea – Cliffy didn’t go into detail, but we guess it’s a sign of the post-apocalyptic society the characters now live in. This doesn’t mean it’s a wasteland – footage we’ve seen is a lot more colourful (there’s some gorgeous textures too) and the environments are very varied. Expect to see forests – but not too many, since Cliffy says they’re hard to do well, and not worth doing if you don’t do them well – and towns “like in Spain, with Stucco roofs and so on – think of Seville.”
  • He talked a bit about the teaser trailer. The city/area in it is called Char, and was absolutely nailed by the Hammer of Dawn strike. Cliffy said the inspiration for the appearance of it was the excavations at Pompeii.
  • Girl Gears – the dark haired one is called Stroud, and looks pretty hardcore. The weapon you saw her using in the E3 demo is a Pendulum Wars era sword bayonet. Cliffy explained that the rationale behind the chainsaw bayonet is that to properly stick a locust with a traditional bayonet you need a ten foot run-up. However, weapons and ammo are so scarce in Gears 3 – since there are no factories left, this being 18 months since the end of Gears 2 – that they have to use whatever weapons they can find, including ones from museums, dumps and so on. He did confirm that this wouldn’t be a game mechanic, so you won’t need to scavenge (random fact: he hates it when games have food as a mechanic). Ammo will be limited in quantity but not ridiculously so.
  • The new bayonet has a variety of ‘executions’ – fatalities, basically – and the locust have new ones as well, including the one from the demo where it rips off someone’s arm and then beats them to death with it, something Epic have wanted to do “since the first Gears of War”.
  • What next? This is the last game in this cycle he says, but the Gears universe is rich and deep enough for more games. They’re concentrating on Bulletstorm for the moment though, and while he doesn’t have any immediate plans for Kinect he said that as a developer, his “curiosity is piqued”.


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