Portal 2 – Erstes Update auf Steam

Veröffentlicht 2. Mai 2011 | 14:10 Uhr von Keysjore

Portal 2 bekommt sein erstes Update von Valve spendiert. Das Update wird automatisch über Steam installiert und beseitigt einige Fehler im Game. Eine englischsprachige Liste der Änderungen und Verbesserungen findet ihr gleich hier unten:


  • Fixed: Occasional crash after Alt-Tab/minimizing or running in a window on certain graphics hardware.
  • Fixed: Crashes and/or graphical glitches after changing video settings without exiting game
  • Fixed: Player stuck at the beginning of Chapter 6
    Fixed: Crash attempting to use other weapons (e.g. mods) with Portal 2
  • Fixed: Mouse cursor doesn’t highlight UI elements in game on Mac OSX
    Fixed: Numerous localization bugs and improvements (also added Czech and Turkish localized text)
  • Fixed: Overflow bug in keyvalues
    Fixed: Voice functionality regression (voice again enabled by default)
  • Fixed: Joystick now defaults to off in order to avoid issues with non-joystick hardware that registers itself as a joystick
  • Fixed: French sentences are not wrapping correctly in subtitles and commentary
  • Improved: Handling of Mac OSX crashes
  • Improved: Updates and bug fixes to Robot Enrichment
  • Improved: Reliability on unsupported Intel Mobile Series 4 Express chipsets
  • Removed: Unsupported console commands (“retry”, “switch_teams”) that caused problems if used


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