Gears of War 3 – Neues Update verfügbar

Veröffentlicht 12. Januar 2012 | 11:44 Uhr von Marcel

Für Gears of War 3 ist ein neues Titelupdate veröffentlicht worden. Wer das nächste Mal mit einer aktiven Internetverbindung Gears of War 3 startet, wird automatisch aufgefordert das neue Update herunterzuladen. Das dritte Update bringt einige Verbesserungen. Der gesamte Changelog


– All unlockable and non-purchasable characters are unlocked for System Link play. Online play still limits players to characters that they have unlocked or have purchased through DLC.
– “Classic” stalemates are now enabled on the Execution and Warzone playlist. An option exists in private Execution to disable classic stalemates and re-enable the man-up rule.
– The ghost camera can be raised and lowered using the Xbox controller d-pad.
– “Must Active Reload” mutator has been made more restrictive. Issues with the Torque Bow and OneShot have been fixed.
– “Retribution” ribbon is now compatible with dedicated servers.
– Holding the “Y” button before being in range of a DBNO player and then walking into activation range will start the execution sequence. This is similar to holding “X” to queue up a weapon pickup sequence when walking into range of a dropped weapon.

Exploit Fixes

– Removed Hammerburst and Longshot exploits with using the iron-sights/scope on Mercy where a player could shoot from a concealed position near the Sanctuary bells. Damage will not register when players are using the scope or iron-sights from that concealed position.
– Fixed the OneShot exploit on Drydock. Players will be pulled out of the OneShot mounted pose when in certain positions.

General Fixes

– A second player signing in on the loading screen before entering the pre-game lobby will no longer cause profile issues.
– The transition from spectator player view to ghost camera view will no longer force the ghost camera view to point upwards.
– The map cycle in QuickMatch is now randomly ordered.
– DLC that is not owned by the current player will no longer stop the player from using DLC they do own.
– Horde will no longer use the Versus weapon swaps. Horde players will have Hammer of Dawn and Mortar spawns on Overpass again.
– Fixed the lens flare on a scoped Longshot not appearing for a player facing left.
– Xbox system notifications have been moved out of the way of kill messages in competitive multiplayer. They now show up in the top center of the screen.

Quelle: Epic Games


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