Payday 2 – Neuer Patch 2 inklusive Changelog & Patch-Notes für Steam verfügbar

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Payday 2

Pünktlich zum Wochenende hat das Entwicklerteam von Payday 2 einen neuen Patch veröffentlicht. Via Stream könnt ihr euch das 980 MB grosse Update herunterladen. Die Entwickler haben sich das Feedback aus der Community zu Herzen genommen und die Fehler ausgebessert, wie das Team mitteilt. Gleich nachstehend findet ihr umfassende Patch-Notes, welche sämtliche Bug-Fixes des Payday 2 Patch 2 beinhalten.

Ob und wann ein zweiter Patch für die Konsole veröffentlicht wird, ist derzeit noch nicht bekannt.

Payday 2 – Changelog / Patch-Notes for Update #2 – 20130816


  • CCE gets +10% cost reduction on all purchases on the Black Market
  • Changed private lobby properties and changed how invite is sent/accepted.
  • Invites to private now works.
Controller support
  • Expanded Xbox 360 controller support by demand!
  • Text on title screen showing xbox controller support when controller is connected (so you know it is working)
  • You can now do text scrolling with controller
  • Ingame-chat is now visible with controller
  • Ingame-Voice chat is now available through push to talk with controller (press upwards on directional pad)
  • You are no longer told that you will be released from custody as you get into custody (as you are done for…)
  • Fix for crash when joining a spectator camera at times
  • Team AI on/off setting is now saved when changing contract
  • Can’t kick a player at mission end screen (let’s start with this and see if we need a vote system)
  • Fixed a graphical glitch in end screen when level cap is reached
Loot Drop
  • When 2 or more of the same weapon mod is in inventory, that weapon mod no longer drops.
  • Bulldozer now talks!
  • Tazer also talks!
  • Fix for client not being able to melee a Bulldozer
  • Added sound to the AK5 reload
  • Improved AK47 reload
  • Fixed bug with extended mag for R870 giving more ammo than intended
  • DOMINATOR – Clients are now able to trade intimidated enemies
Bank Heist
  • Bank Deposit is more rewarding (and more risky)
  • Fixed an asset problem with cameras not highlighting the control box
  • Fixed catwalk on bank roof that bugged out collision wise
Firestarter Day 3
  • Fixed some objectives staying even though they were finished in some cases.
  • Fixed the vault door glitch/exploit (you won’t “accidentally” fall through it :))
  • Reduced the amount of time between Bain saying damage values.
  • Big bug removed on Mallcrasher, that gave players 30x the worth of small windows when destroying 3 bugged windows. Also, rebalanced so that small stuff (vases, bottles etc) give more than before. Also added car windows and upped car destruction value.
Art Gallery
  • Fix for rare crash when client shoots at enemies while host leaves the game
  • Fixed the pickup asset. Sometimes the guy took a day off and did not show up!
  • Fixed crash sometimes when host was trading hostages
  • Added real bad music to the bad music asset that reduces the amount of civilians in the club.
  • Changed so music stops sooner. This prevents the too long overlap when the assault starts.
Big Oil
  • Fixed keycard asset from Big oil 1 to Big Oil2 – it spawned 4 cards. Now it spawns 1 card and on the ground int front of the team when they start. The keycard is highlighted. Pick it up and open the door of choice.
Framing Frame
  • Optimized some collision on the train
Jewelry store
  • Fixed that if you stand on the safe door on Jewellery store while it’s drilling, and then keep yourself on the door while it opens, as soon as you get off the door you fall through the floor to the base of the map, and then teleport back to the playable area. So now you can stand on the safe door…..
  • Fixed so that Bain does not tell you the police are sending in harder units, even though there are no police as you are in full stealth.
  • Made it so the small parking lot booth does not allow the police to walls of it if you are inside.
  • Bain speaks the correct line when player gets money and intel. You did good here not bad :)


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