Madden NFL 13 delivers world-class presentation with an all-new living front end, dynamic in-game transitions, a live ticker, and drastically improved usability. Every game has the feel of a nationally televised broadcast with CBS Sports commentators Jim Nantz and Phil Simms calling the action from the virtual 3D booth.

Facts & Features:

  • Presentation: NFL broadcasts are some of the most impressive in the world of sports, and that attention to detail is apparent in Madden NFL 13. From the moment players start the game and see the completely redesigned opening, to the 3D booth showcasing new commentators Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, Madden NFL 13 provides the most dynamic, authentic presentation yet. On the field, HDR and multi-vector lighting tracks the position of the sun after every play, and motion blur gives a true sense of speed. Also, don’t forget those brand new Nike uniforms and gear, which debut in their full digital glory in Madden NFL 13.
  • Gameplay: An enhanced passing system opens up the game like never before with changes to the way quarterbacks, receivers and defenders react to the ball. On top of all that the new Infinity Engine completely redefines how players interact in Madden NFL 13.
  • Offense: The new Total Control Passing mechanic lets players lead receivers into open space and put the ball exactly where they want it to go. Also, revamped passing trajectories, quarterback dropbacks, and play action improvements make airing out the ball more appealing than ever.
  • Defense: Defensive coverage AI has been completely rewritten thanks to the new read and react defensive AI. Conversely, defenders now disguise their coverage so users won’t know if the defense is in man or zone until the snap, creating a chess match between the offense and defense.
  • Audio: The sounds of the NFL are just as iconic as the sights, and both work together to enhance the presentation of Madden NFL 13. To that end, Jim Nantz and Phil Simms provide constant banter, and have provided over 9,000 lines of new dialog to further enrich the experience. Furthermore, new sound effects, authentic quarterback cadences from players like Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Tom Brady and Ben Roethlisberger, and a sweeping new Madden NFL theme all create a game that sounds just as good as it looks.
  • Infinity Engine: The brand- new Infinity Engine brings physics-driven animation to the Madden NFL franchise, ensuring that no two plays every look or feel the same. Play outcomes are now unpredictable with factors such as mass, velocity and momentum considered into every play. Just because the tackle has started doesn’t mean the action is over, and players can fight for every yard and scrap for every tackle.
  • Connected Careers: Create your own legacy or relive that of a legend in the all-new Connected Careers. Lead a created player, a current NFL superstar or an all-time great to on-field glory, or prove your personnel and team management skills as a coach. Then again, why not do both? Connected Careers lets you play your way, all while keeping users engaged in a connected, online experience. Whether it’s on a console, mobile device, or the web, prepare to live and breathe the NFL 24/7 as the seasons unfold and real NFL insiders analyze, praise and critique every move you make through the virtual Twitter feed.

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